Air Duct Cleaning Service Software

Air Duct Cleaning Service Software

Producing software for the air duct cleaning industry for over 25 Years

The air duct cleaning industry is a competitive field now in many parts of the country, so you need to be the best you can be. Our Scheduling Manager software for air duct cleaning business will help you achieve your goals. Implementing a good business management software package allows you to focus your efforts on the most productive ares of your business, such as effective marketing and customer satisfaction. Every part of your business that can be automated and streamlined should be. With Scheduling Manager software, you can now put your best efforts into overseeing and growing your air duct cleaning business.

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Everything you Need to Run Your Business in One Integrated Software Package

Our Scheduling Manager business software integrates all information about your customer, employees, jobs, and accounting. All the components of your integrated business management software work harmoniously in conjunction with one another. Easily share information across platforms – Desktop, Online, Mobile, and the Customer-Employee Portal. No other software for air duct cleaning businesses offers the same degree of flexibility, allowing you options for accessing your data from anywhere, along with the best security and efficiency considerations.

CRM features in air duct cleaning service software

Manage Your Customer Relations and Bring in New Clients

Scheduling Manager provides extensive Customer Relation Management (CRM) tools to keep your business on track and your customers satisfied. CRM features include tracking leads and sales funnel statistics, along with customer management, all in one place. In addition, Scheduling Manager provides an optional interface to Infusionsoft, a leading marketing and sales enhancement software program.

Integrated Email for air duct cleaning businesses

Increase Productivity with the Integrated Email Module

Are you spending hours of your time composing and sending emails to clients, potential leads, and employees? Scheduling Manager Integrated Email module is excellent marketing tool. It is easy to remind customers when their next scheduled cleaning date is. Or, if they haven’t booked already, send them an e-mail to remind them to renew their service. You can send a personalized e-mail message or you can choose from a number of predefined e-mail messages for job reminders, work orders, invoices, holiday greetings, special promotions and anything else you might need.

Mapping features

Save Time and Money by Optimizing Your Daily Routes

Determine the best and least expensive routes for your teams with Mapping and Route Optimization. Save you and your employees countless hours and cut down on traveling expenses, increasing the profitability of your air duct cleaning business. Seamless interface with Google Maps, Mapquest, Microsoft MapPoint.

Mobile Access Right on Your Employees’ Devices

As an air-duct cleaning business, you need to keep track of multiple employees working at different remote locations throughout the day. Our SM-Mobile app keeps each technician current with their work schedule and the client’s needs. Right from the field, the employees can take photos related to each job, capture a signature from the client, produce invoices, and receive payments, With the GPS tracking feature, they’ll be ready to head to the next job, with the information handily displayed on their mobile device. SM-Mobile runs on any Apple or Android devices.

e-marketing feaures

Grow Your Business

Never lose a potential client again.  Scheduling Manager helps to keep track of your leads and keep extensive notes on all of your interactions with leads or clients. With a single click you can send bulk e-mailing campaigns to all leads or customers or just to a select subset.


All Accounts Receivable in One Place

Invoices, statements, payments, account balances, aging reports –  all available with one mouse click.
Automatically create invoices when you complete a job and see a customer’s account balance update immediately on the information screen. With this information, you can produce aging reports, sales reports and profitability reports in a flash! Seamless optional integration with QuickBooks, MYOB, Sage or other accounting packages.

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Benefits of Using Our Software to Manage Your Air Duct Cleaning Business

  • Enter information once only.
  • No need for multiple software programs, which create inefficiencies, and can lead to errors.
  • When you complete a job, an invoice is created, time spent by each maid on the job is recorded, payroll is calculated, and the amount paid by the customer is recorded.
  • Increased efficiencies for your organization lets you focus on marketing, gaining new customers, and lead generation.
  • Integrated E-mail marketing tools help you get new clients, and market new services to existing clients.
  • Specially designed for air duct cleaning businesses. Used by thousands of service businesses in more than 15 countries.

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