Fire Extinguisher Maintenance Software

Fire Extinguisher Maintenance Software

Producing fire extinguisher maintenance industry software for over 25 Years

Whether you’re just starting out or have been established for some time, these days software is a vital part of any successful fire extinguisher maintenance business. When your company is managed properly, you don’t need to spend any time on the remedial, automated tasks. Our Scheduling Manager software for fire extinguisher businesses helps you to automated and streamline every part of your business. When you no longer have to do the work yourself on jobs or scheduling, you can focus on delegating tasks, hiring employees and overseeing all major operations of your company.

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Mobile app for fire extinguisher business - Scheduling Manager

Spend Less Time Managing Your Employees

As a fire extinguisher maintenance business, you need to keep track of multiple employees working at different remote locations throughout the day. Our SM-Mobile app keeps each technician current with their work schedule and the client’s needs. Right from the field, the employees can take photos related to each job, capture a signature from the client, produce invoices, and receive payments, With the GPS tracking feature, they’ll be ready to head to the next job, with the information handily displayed on their mobile device. SM-Mobile runs on all Apple or Android devices.

sales and marketing features for fire extinguisher maintenance software

Always Stay on Top of Your Sales and Marketing

Always know how your business is doing at any given moment. Determine which advertising methods work best so you know where the most new customers are coming from by analyzing sales by source. You can also analyze sales by work type, to determine which services are most profitable. We even offer the ability to analyze all of your sales by employee and pay out commissions due to each individual salesperson or referring agent.

Mapping features for fire extinguisher maintenance software

Use Mapping to Optimize Your Routes

Mapping features built-in to our software for fire extinguisher maintenance businesses aids you in determining routes and calculating travel time between jobs. With Scheduling Manager’s “Find Best Employee” feature, you can easily find the ideal tech to assign to a job. This feature makes suggestions for job booking based on when your employees will be in the same area, reducing trip times between jobs and increasing efficiency. Works with Google Maps, MapQuest, Microsoft MapPoint, and Yahoo Maps.

Accounts Receivable for fire extinguisher maintenance software

All Accounts Receivable in One Place

Invoices, statements, payments, account balances, aging reports, etc. all available with one mouse click. Automatically create invoices when you complete a job and see a customer’s account balance update immediately on the information screen.  With this information, you can produce aging reports, sales reports and profitability reports in a flash! Seamless optional integration with QuickBooksMYOBSage or other accounting packages.

SMS feature for fire extinguisher maintenance software

 Easy Text Messaging

Make your interactions with employees and customers quick and efficient. Send appointment reminder text messages to all customers who want them. Easily send SMS/text messages showing job details to employees. With a click of a button, text a predefined message with all job information or type your own message for the employee.

Custom programmed features for fire extinguisher maintenance software

We Help You Run Your Business Your  Way

Any special feature you may need can be added on request. Over the years, many fire extinguisher maintenance clients have requested a variety of unique features, making Scheduling Manager the most robust and versatile employee scheduling software on the market. We’ll help you find a way to use our management software for fire extinguisher businesses to become more efficient and more profitable. Call one of our Software Success consultants to discuss your needs.

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From a Satisfied Customer

Thoughtful Systems has helped us increase efficiency and lets us keep all of our information in one program, and all data is readily accessible. Scheduling Manager’s management analysis reports are very useful in showing us which services are generating the most revenue. The payroll tools are also a great time saver. We find that it’s really great at helping us stay organized in our business.”
Mandy Kober, R M Fire, Opelousas, Louisiana

Benefits of Using Our Software to Manage Your Fire Extinguisher Maintenance Business

  • Enter information once only. No need for multiple software programs, which create inefficiencies, and can lead to errors. When you complete a job, an invoice is created, time spent by each maid on the job is recorded, payroll is calculated, and the amount paid by the customer is recorded.
  • Increased efficiencies for your organization lets you focus on marketing, gaining new customers, and lead generation.
  • Integrated E-mail marketing tools help you get new clients, and market new services to existing clients.
  • Specially designed for fire extinguisher maintenance businesses. Used by thousands of fire extinguisher service businesses in more than 15 countries.


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