Handyman Business Software

Handyman Business Software

Producing software for the handyman services industry for over 25 Years

Thoughtful Systems has been creating, fine-tuning and perfecting software for handyman businesses for over 25 years. We included many features in our software long before our competitors, and we continue to travel on the leading edge of software development. As a handyman business owner, you can join us for the journey and benefit from the best in computer technology to make your business more efficient and more profitable.

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Sales tracking for handyman services business

Improve Your Sales

With our Scheduling Manager’s Sales Tracking features, you always know how the business is doing at any moment. Determine exactly which advertising methods work best for your business and where the most new customers come from.

You can also analyze sales by work type, to determine which services are most profitable.  And you have the ability to analyze all of your sales by employee and pay out commissions due to each individual salesperson or referring agent.

SM-Mobile app for handyman business

Always Know Where Your Employees Are

Our SM-Mobile app tracks your employees and keep records of arrival and departure times for every job site .

SM-Mobile’s GPS feature records the location of each employee every few minutes. An employee checks in for the job with the mobile app and the time and GPS location is recorded automatically. This way you can verify the times your employees are actually on-site and bill your customers accordingly.

Scheduling Manager GPS feature offers many of the same capabilities as the expensive dedicated GPS systems available on the market. With the Scheduling Manager, you get these great features as part of the complete business management package for your handyman services business.

Jobs Tab for handyman business software

Convenient Jobs Tab

The Jobs tab on the Customer Information screen lists all jobs for a customer.

It provides you with a clear overview of all the customers’ jobs – past, present and future.

Jobs that have been completed are highlighted in purple.

Simply double-click on a job to view more details about it and to view or print the invoice for the job.

Caller-ID for Handyman businesses

Never Put Your Customers On Hold

The Caller-ID feature shows incoming calls as a pop-up on your screen and allows you to go straight to the customer’s record with one click.

Details of all incoming and outgoing calls are available in the Phone Activity Log.

An invaluable add-on feature which improves customer service and saves time for your office staff.

Payroll for handyman services business

Automate Your Payroll

Do you pay your employees by the hour or on commission? Or by the number of jobs completed? Scheduling Manger handles all of it.

As each job is finished, details are recorded concerning all employees who worked on the job and their times. Payroll is automatically calculated at the same time.

Track your profitability by producing a report at the end of each payroll period showing gross amounts due to each employee or sub-contractor. Then produce profitability reports, analyzing gross pay per job against the amount charged.

credit card processing for handyman business

 Quickly Process Credit Card Payments

Service business users of Scheduling Manager tell us that this one feature saves them enough money to easily pay for the entire cost of the software! When the customer pays by credit card, the information is transferred to the credit card processor, and the money is soon in your bank account! All credit card information is encrypted and securely stored on a remote server.

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From a Satisfied Customer

“The support and technical help that our business receives from Thoughtful Systems is above and beyond. Anytime we call them for assistance they are happy to help us…

I would recommend Thoughtful Systems and the Scheduling Manager program to any business. If at first this systems does not quite fit your needs just let the helpful people at Thoughtful Systems know and thy will be happy to customize your program to your needs.”

Carolyn Allen, Beaumont, Texas

Benefits of Using Our Software to Manage Your Handyman Services Business

Enter information once only. No need for multiple software programs, which create inefficiencies, and can lead to errors. When you complete a job, an invoice is created, time spent by each employee on the job is recorded, payroll is calculated, and the amount paid by the customer is recorded.

Increased efficiencies for your organization lets you focus on marketing, gaining new customers, and lead generation.

Integrated E-mail marketing tools help you get new clients, and market new services to existing clients.

Specially designed for handyman service businesses. Used by thousands of handyman businesses in more than 15 countries.

From A Satisfied Customer

“Thoughtful Systems has helped us increase efficiency and lets us keep all of our information in one program, and all data is readily accessible. Scheduling Manager’s management analysis reports are very useful in showing us which services are generating the most revenue. The payroll tools are also a great time saver. We find that it’s really great at helping us stay organized in our business.”

Mandy Kober, Opelousas, Louisiana

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