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Producing software for the home health care industry for over 20 years

The Scheduling Manager Software for Home Health Care is a powerful management software with features specifically designed for the home health care industry. We began working with clients in the home health care industry in 1995. Since that time, Thoughtful Systems has continued to expand and improve our software to best meet the unique needs of our home health care clients.

There are many generic business management programs available on the market and many of them are quite affordable. However, over twenty years of incorporating the feedback we have been receiving from our home health care users, our Scheduling Manager team has created the most flexible and comprehensive software program for home health care businesses, at the most competitive price available.

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Scheduling Manager Screenshot of Patient Information features for Home Health Care

Comprehensive Client/Patient Information Features (CRM)

Our Patient Information Screen allows you to easily view and manage both patients and prospective clients. While one member of office staff is working with current patients, other staff can be using a wide variety of CRM tools available in the Scheduling Manager to contact new prospects, follow up with them by phone or e-mail, and keep notes on progress. These powerful CRM features more than pay for the cost of the software by helping you to provide better customer care and sign up more new patients.

Scheduling Manager Screenshot of Form 485 for Home Health Care Industry

Easy 485 Forms

Scheduling Manager takes the hassle out of completing and organizing CMS-485 forms. Record information for completing 485 forms and print the 485 forms directly from the software.

Scheduling Manager Screenshot of Oasis form for Home Health Care business

Oasis Data Collection

Collection and reporting of OASIS data items are crucial for any home health care agency. Scheduling Manager provides OASIS forms that enable your caregivers to collect and report a comprehensive patient assessment.

Caregiver skills for Home Health Care database management tool

Maintain a Caregiver Skills Database

You can easily record what training each caregiver has completed, and what certifications and skills he/she has. This skills inventory is accessed when you are searching for the best possible caregiver match for a new client. It makes assigning a new caregiver to a new client easy!

Scheduling Manager Screenshot of Patient Information Screen for Home Health Care business

Complete list of all ICD-9 and ICD-10 Codes

The Scheduling Manager includes data for over 16,000 ICD-9 Codes. All you need to do, is select the appropriate ICD-9 Codes for each patient. Our Scheduling Manager software eliminates as much routine data entry as possible and features like the ICD-9 Codes enable you to begin using the software right away by minimizing the time required to implement the software.

Scheduling Manager Screenshot of Physician Info screen for Home Health Care Business Software

Physician Information

Track detailed information regarding your patients’ physicians for all your patients including the physician’s contact information such as address and phone numbers, and also UPI’s and NPIN’s.

You are also able to store an unlimited amount of notes regarding physicians.

Thoughtful Systems' SM-Mobile app for Home Health Care Industry

SM-Mobile App

Caregivers can see their schedules and get directions to the patient’s locations right on their Apple or Android mobile devices. This way, you are can be sure that they always arrive on time and don’t waste time getting lost en route. When caregivers arrive at the work location, they record their start time with a simple click of a button. Their start time is verified using GPS coordinates and relayed back to head office. A manager watching the monitor at the head office can sees the job status updating on the computer screen in real time. When the job is complete, the caregiver records the fact and can receive a signature from the client.

Telephone Time Keeping Interface for Home Health Care Business

Telephone Timekeeping Interface

Scheduling Manager provides a seamless integration with various telephone timekeeping services, for those agencies who want to implement that service. This is an excellent way to keep track of caregivers’ time.

Scheduling Manager Screenshot of Accounting Features

Flexible Accounting Features

Home Health Care organizations usually have a variety of different requirements concerning invoicing and billing. Some patients get billed on a weekly basis, some monthly, or every two weeks. In addition, some patients’ bills are paid, in whole or part, by third party agencies, while other patients are private pay. Scheduling Manager for Home Health Care accommodates all the different billing types and makes keeping track of invoices and billing as easy as a click of a mouse.

Payroll can be managed with Scheduling Manager

Automatic Payroll

Scheduling Manager makes managing your payroll a breeze.

Payroll information is automatically recorded when you complete jobs, so all you need to do at the end of your pay period is run your payroll report.

Import timekeeping data from SM-Mobile, our mobile jobs tracking app, which are used for automatically updating payroll data on the system.

Export Payroll data to any one of a variety of specialized payroll programs, including ADP, Paychex, QuickBooks and more.

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Benefits of Using Our Software to Manage Your Home Health Care Business

  • Enter information once only. No need for multiple software programs, which create inefficiencies, and can lead to errors.
  • Increased efficiencies for your organization lets you focus on marketing, gaining new patients, and lead generation.
  • Specially designed for home health care businesses. Used by thousands of home health care businesses in more than 15 countries.

From A Satisfied Customer

“Help At Home has been using the Scheduling Manager program from Thoughtful Systems since 2002. The support staff at Thoughtful Systems are very responsive and have always handled any issues in a timely fashion. We needed a very specific invoicing format and Thoughtful Systems was able to work with us to customize the Scheduling Manager program to our needs. 

I highly recommend the Scheduling Manager Program. It has simplified our scheduling tasks and saved Help at Home countless hours of work.”

Steve Horenstein, Help At Home, Avon, CT

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