Tutoring Service Business Software

Tutoring Service Business Software

Do you love to teach? And do you have the knowledge and skills necessary to tutor students in academic subjects and prepare them for standardized exams? If the answer is yes, running your own private tutoring service can be a very profitable business opportunity.  Americans spend almost $20 billion every year on academic tutors and the trend toward private tutoring is on the rise.

However, these days, anyone can put an advertisement on Craigslist website or in the local paper and claim to be an experienced tutor. If you want to succeed in the competitive tutoring market and charge the professional rates your tutoring services deserve, you need to present and organize your tutoring service as a professional business. Professionalism, reliability, and good customer service will help your tutoring service business succeed and grow over time.

We have the perfect tutoring software solution, the Scheduling Manager, to assist you with managing your tutoring business. No other software for the tutoring service industry has the same advanced features that Thoughtful Systems offers you. Scheduling Manager software incorporates all the basic features you need in your software application for a tutoring service business. At the same time, it offers a host of features which enhance the basic feature set, which you can use to improve the function of your tutoring service business and also work to bring in more students for your tutoring business. In essence, if your tutoring service company is managed properly you should not need to spend any time on the remedial, automated tasks, and our software, the Scheduling Manager, can help you do this.

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Top Features of Scheduling Manager for Tutoring Service

Efficient and Flexible Scheduling

8 Different Scheduling Screens

There are 9 different calendars to choose from in Scheduling Manager for tutoring service business, so you have the most options for viewing your tutoring schedule – simply pick the one you like! No other scheduling software has this many options.

Availability Calendar

The Availability Calendar allows you to create easy templates for the availability of your tutors. This is a great feature if you have many tutors who work part-time, for example, Monday and Tuesday evenings and Wednesday and Friday afternoons. You can also mark a one-time absence for a tutor, for example, if they have a doctor appointment and will not be working at a time when they normally would be.

Customer Dispatch Calendar

The Customer Dispatch Calendar is an interactive calendar that shows you jobs by student. From this screen you can quickly add, edit, delete and complete tutoring sessions and simply drag-and-drop the jobs to change your schedules.

 Effective Customer Relations Management (CRM)

Preferred Tutor

The Preferred Employee tool allows you to specify for each student if they have a preference for a specific tutor. You can also use this tool to mark a tutor that should never be scheduled for a specific student.


The Reminders feature assists you with your customer relationship management as it allows you to schedule a pop-up alarm to appear on the screen on a date and time that you specify. You can select a student that the reminder is for and click the “Go To” button to automatically jump to that student’s full information. You also have the option to reschedule or snooze the reminder. You can also use the reminders to remind another user, such as your office administrator, to follow-up with a student.

Time-Stamped Notes

The Time-Stamped Notes feature in Scheduling Manager makes it easy to store and maintain a history of all correspondence with your students and their parents, an invaluable tool for a tutoring service. The notes automatically insert the date and time of the note, as well as the author.

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From a Satisfied Business User

I am very pleased with the system and the service from Thoughtful Systems. The feature that we find especially useful, is the automatic monthly billing feature. It is saving us a tremendous amount of time and effort, and we can no longer imagine operating our business without it.

Howard Krieger, Brooklyn, New York

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