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Estimating Software for Janitorial Services

The Job Estimator makes all your cleaning job estimating a breeze.

It lets you turn out estimates on large and small projects quickly, easily and accurately.

It is important to estimate how long you'll need to send your employees into a facility each day to perform the tasks necessary to accomplish an efficiently executed job. The Job Estimator allows you to list all tasks that need to be accomplished in each area of the facility/building. Then you can specify the frequency of each task, and the Job Estimator will calculate for you an estimate of how many person-hours will be needed per week and per month.

cleaning job estimating | job estimator

Begin using the cleaning job estimating software tool that thousands of cleaners in the U.S. and other countries have been relying on for years for accurate job estimates.

This lets you calculate your payroll and other costs, so you have an accurate idea of how much it's going to cost you to perform the work. Then you add on your markup after making allowance for overhead distribution, and your estimate is available for you right on the screen, or on your printer.

Cleaning job estimating is part science, part art. We take care of the scientific part for you, and you use your knowledge of conditions in your particular are of the country to modify the task codes, production rates and cost scales, as appropriate.

The Job Estimaor saves you from having to do much tedious calculation, and allows you to prepare a professional looking proposal for your prospective client.

The Job Estimator includes ISSA production rates for a wide variety of tasks. You can use these as they are, or adjust them, if necessary, to align them with the production rate for your employees. Or, you can add new task codes and production rates.

The Job Estimator is simple to learn and use, but its power and time-saving features means it will pay for itself in no time at all!

janitorial software customer information

Customer Information Management

Add/Edit/View/Delete Customers
Maintain all necessary information for your customers including key and alarm, public and private notes.
Search your customers by business name, or customer name.
Multiple Locations for Customers
Maintain multiple locations for your customers while billing to one address.
Customizable Fields
Customize your own fields to keep track of any information you wish.
job estimating software estimates


Divide Buildings into Sub-Locations
Creating estimates in Job Estimator is easy once you set up your sub-locations.
Add Task Codes - ISSA Codes already entered!
To create your estimate, all you need to do is add Task Codes to your location. To help you out all the ISSA codes are already entered for you!
Cost Codes
Cost Codes are used to calculate your costs for jobs.
Estimate Screen
Estimate Screen makes it easy to see running costs and times for your jobs.
Estimate Printouts
A variety of printouts of your estimates are available, for both management and customers.
job estimating software interfaces

Interfaces with:

Contact Manager
Keep your prospective clients in a separate database so you can do more effective marketing such as direct mailing
Scheduling Manager
Handles all scheduling, payroll and accounts receivables needs for your business.
Makes your janitorial and cleaning job estimating and workloading functions a breeze!