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Caller-ID Module

This Caller-ID and Phone Log Module has proved to be a necessity for larger companies who have reached a certain size and now need to focus heavily on their sales process and methods.


With the Caller-ID Module, incoming calls cause the Phone Activity Log to appear on the screen, which shows the incoming number.

If the number is matched to a number presently in the database, you can click the Go To button and the Scheduling Manager will jump to the customer's record and information.
If the number is not matched to a number already in the database you can click the Add button and a record will be added for you automatically.
All information about calls including the call duration are stored and can be viewed at any later time by returning to the Call Activity Log.
For this capability you also need to purchase a special Caller ID box to interface with the telephone line and the computer. This is easy to set up and instructions will be provided upon purchasing.
Caller ID display screen
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Phone Log

Information about calls is stored for you automatically in the Phone Log.

You can display the Phone Log at any time, and add a follow-up call record. You can then run a report to show you all follow-up calls needing to be made.
This helps you to refine your sales process and also to maintain a high level of customer service, as calls are followed up in a timely manner ensuring customer satisfaction.
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phone log software This feature is not included with the basic package, but it can be purchased as an additional module.
Caller ID phone log
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globe Caller ID Module Scheduling Manager Web Add-On
Scheduling Manager Web Add-On provides you access to your data on any device that can surf the web. Both customers and employees can log on online to see their schedules, request jobs and submit job completion information.
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"Scheduling Manager has been an invaluable management and marketing tool for me. I've used it since I was a startup 4 years ago and am still finding it an effective management system now that I have over 40 maids. I couldn't have grown so fast without it."
- Miriam Kahn, Today's Maid, NY
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