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The two most important changes in the restoration cleaning industry over the last two decades are the increased use of technology and software tools for business management and the move toward more health-conscious use of chemicals, equipment and cleaning and restoration techniques.

The increased awareness and concern about the health risks associated with mold, lead, and asbestos has been the source of increased need for remediation services and demand for green products and green restoration practices. More people are taking steps to ensure that the product and chemicals being used in their home are safe  and the green trend cannot be ignored by any cleaning services business, especially restoration cleaning.

Industry experts agree that marketing for restoration cleaning industry has also been evolving with new technologies and changing customer needs. Simply claiming that  the products you are using are ecologically safe is not enough anymore. Customers want actual evidence that your producs and services are safe and green Therefore, restoration cleaning businesses are taking steps to make real changes in the types of products they use and use marketing to educate their customers rather than simply sell to them.

As restoration cleaning industry continues to evolve, you need proper business management software tools that can evolve and grow with your business. We have the perfect restoration cleaning software solution, the Scheduling Manager For Restoration Cleaning Service, to assist you with managing your business.

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Grow Your Business and Increase Profits

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Whether you’re just starting out or have been established for some time, these days software is a vital part of any successful restoration cleaning business. You cannot grow your business beyond a certain point if your business tools do not scale with the growth of your business. Scheduling Manager software is flexible and efficient and allows you customize the features you need and tailor the software to your specific business needs. With Scheduling Manager software and our SM-Mobile App running on your mobile devices, you can automate all the routine management and scheduling tasks and focus on growing your business, reducing labor and equipment costs and increasing your profits.

Improve Business Communications

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Using Scheduling Mnager software and our SM-Mobile App, you can get rid of unnecessary paperwork and improve all daily communications among filed employees and office staff. Your field employees are kept updated of their job schedules and customer information via the SM-Mobile App, available on their mobile devices and the data from the field is sent back to the office in real time throughout the day.

You can also set an option to require your employees to check in and check out before a job can be completed. The Check In/Check Out feature will also automatically record the employees’ GPS coordinates, so you always know where your employees are!

Provide Excellent Customer Service

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The end result of improved efficiency is better service to your customers and increased profits for you!

Scheduling Manager software also provides an additional suite of automated CRM tools to assist you with improving customer service. The integrated Email Module, automatic reminders, and quality contol features will assist you with managing customer complaints, sending out correspondence and with making sure you always follow up with customers when necessary.

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