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The Top 10 Features of Scheduling Manager Gemini, Software For Garage Door Maintenance Businesses

map features for garage door maintenance software

Mapping Features

Use our services on the go and schedule jobs with our Route Suggestion tool. This feature makes suggestions for job booking based on when your employees will be in the same area, reducing trip times between jobs and increasing efficiency. Compatible with Mapquest, Microsoft MapPoint, and Google Maps..

iPhone app for Garage Door maintenance software

Mobile Functionality

Our mobile app keeps your team current with their schedule and the client’s needs. Our job scheduling software lets your employees can take notes, complete jobs and edit estimates from the field. With the GPS tracking feature, they’ll be ready to head to the next job.

equipment icon

Equipment Allocation

With our Equipment Manager module, you can track information regarding the various pieces of equipment for your customers as well the necessary-parts information for the equipment. You can also keep track of where your equipment is at any time.

QuickBooks icon

QuickBooks Real-Time Link

If you are already a QuickBooks user, you can transfer your customers in seconds. Scheduling Manager Gemini makes it quick and easy to set up customers. As you build your company, customer, invoice, payment, and service information data is synced between Scheduling Manager Gemini and QuickBooks.

Calendar icon for job scheduling software

Multiple Job Scheduling Calendars

Our employee scheduling software features eight interactive job scheduling calendars with drag and drop capabilities to allow you to choose the easiest way to set up appointments. Select a job and with a simple click of the mouse you can add, delete, change, view or complete jobs.

caller id, phone icon

Integrated Caller ID

The Caller-ID features shows incoming calls as a pop-up on your screen, allowing you to quickly access the customer’s record with just a click. Details of incoming and outgoing calls are recorded with the Phone Activity Log.

pie chart

Integrated Systems

Scheduling Manager Gemini integrates all information relating to customer, employees, jobs, and accounting, making all the components of your integrated grage door maintenance software work harmoniously in conjunction with one another. You can also share information across platforms — Desktop, Online, Mobile, and the Customer-Employee Portal.

marketing line chart

Marketing Features

Our integrated marketing features let you keep extensive notes on your leads and customers so you can stay up to date with all of your interactions with leads or clients. It’s easy to create bulk e-mailing campaigns to convert leads, market to current customers, or a select subset of all contacts.

messages icon

Integrated Text Messaging

The SMS/text message feature allows you to send mass texts of your jobs to employees. You can select a predefined message and with a click of a button that contains all job information. You can also type a custom message for customers or employees. You can also easily send appointment reminders with text messages to all customers who want them.

Email icon

Integrated E-Mail Module

Scheduling Manager Gemini is equipped with an e-mail module that allows you to send messages to customers or employees. Choose from a number of predefined e-mail messages or create your own for job reminders, job tickets, or anything else you might need.

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From a Satisfied Customer

“Before we had your software, we did scheduling on spreadsheets, but this tended to be less than an ideal solution, and sometimes we had problems with the “Once a month”, and “Once a year” customers. Since we’ve been using your program, we never miss a job appointment. Also, the “Projected Sales” report has been very useful in helping us prepare for the busy periods…”James Kramer, Mobile, Alabama

Some Benefits of Using Our Garage Door Maintenance Software

Rising profits

You only have to enter information one time. Scheduling Manager Gemini makes using multiple software programs unnecessary, increasing efficiency and reducing errors. When you complete a job, an invoice is created, time spent by each technician on the job is recorded, payroll is calculated, and the amount paid by the customer is recorded.

saving time

These increased efficiencies allow your organization to focus on growth and maximize opportunities in marketing, gaining new customers and lead generation.

E-mail marketing

Our E-mail marketing tools help you get new clients and market new services to existing clients.

Globe Icon: Email

Thoughtful Systems designed Scheduling Manager Gemini specially for field service businesses. No other company offers better software for garage door maintenance operations. Scheduling Manager Gemini is used by thousands of service businesses in more than 15 countries.

From A Satisfied Customer

“Finally a program we can use! It has been very challenging to find a software program that fits the needs of our industry. With the tracking of different service dates for different locations, and the processing of the invoices for accounting, there has been no ONE program that integrated both and worked well for us. We are thrilled to have finally found it with Scheduling Manager Gemini by Thoughtful Systems. Their program integrates with QuickBooks, which has dramatically improved the way we run our office and business. Scheduling Manager Gemini does it all! They were incredible to work with, completely understanding our industry needs and our specific business.Customer support is there whenever you need them and responds in a quick manner so there is no interruption in the running of our business. It’s been one of the best decisions we have made two years ago and look forward to the endless solutions this program offers.”

Denae Dolde, Naples, Florida

Teamwork in the office

From A Satisfied Customer

“We want to thank you for your excellent software updates that we recently received. This package merged smoothly with our previous version of the Cleaning Manager that we had used successfully for the past 12 years.

We are very pleased to be associated with your company, and we look forward to future innovations.”

– Howell P. Schechter, Maintenance Service Industries, Inc., Yorktown Heights, New York

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