Maid Service Software

Maid Service Software

Making software for the residential cleaning industry for over 25 Years

Thoughtful Systems has been creating, fine-tuning and perfecting software for maid service businesses for over 25 years.  We included many features in our software long before our competitors, and we continue to travel on the leading edge of software development so that maid service business owners can join us for the journey and benefit from the best in computer technology to make their businesses more organized and more profitable.

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Top 10 Features of Scheduling Manager Software for Maid Service Businesses

Job scheduling calendar for maid service software

1. Multiple Job Scheduling Calendars

Choose from more than 8 interactive job scheduling calendars with drag and drop capabilities. Add, delete, change, view or complete a job with a simple click of the mouse. Each unique calendar provides a different window/view into your scheduled jobs.

CRM (Customer relationship management)

2. Customer Relationship Management Features

Extensive CRM features built in, including methods for tracking leads and customers and sales funnel statistics. Also, an optional interface to Infusionsoft, a leading marketing and sales enhancement software program.

Integrated e-mail functions

3. Integrated E-Mail Module

You can send a personalized e-mail message or you can choose from a number of predefined e-mail messages for job reminders, work orders, invoices, holiday greetings, special promotions and anything else you might need. Create your own e-mail templates or choose from one of the many included free with our software.

This is an excellent marketing tool. Use this feature to remind customers when their next scheduled cleaning date is. Or, if they haven’t booked already, send them an e-mail to remind them to renew their service.

Mapping features

4. Mapping Features

Mapping and route optimization features – provide means to determine the best and least expensive routes for your teams. Interfaces with Google Maps, Mapquest, Microsoft MapPoint. This feature in our software can save you and your employees countless hours and cut down on traveling expenses, which translates into increased profits for your maid service business.

Caller ID features

5. Integrated Caller ID

With the Caller-ID Module, incoming calls are immediately shown on your screen, enabling you to go straight to the customer’s record at a click of the mouse. Details of incoming and outgoing calls are recorded in the Phone Activity Log.

Custom programmed features

6. Custom Features

Over the years, many maid service clients have requested a variety of unique features, making Scheduling Manager the most robust and versatile employee scheduling software available on the market. Any feature you may need can be added on request. Call one of our Software Success consultants to discuss your needs. We’ll help you find a way to use our management software for maid services to become more efficient and more profitable.

Integrated software systems

7. Integrated Systems

A valuable feature of our Scheduling Manager maid service software is the integration of information. All information relating to customers, employees, job scheduling and accounting is integrated and easily accessible. Also, share information across platforms — Desktop version, Online version, Mobile version and the Customer-Employee Portal.

e-marketing feaures

8. Marketing Features

Powerful marketing features allow you to keep track of your leads and keep extensive notes on all of your interactions with leads or clients. Also, create bulk e-mailing campaigns to all leads or customers or just to a select subset.

SMS - Integrated text messaging

9. Integrated Text Messaging

You can easily send SMS/text messages showing job-details to employees. You can also text a predefined message with a click of the button that contains all job information, or you can type your own message for the employee. Also, send appointment reminder text messages to all customers who want them.

QuickBooks real-time functions

10. QuickBooks Link

QuickBooks Real-Time Link — If you are already a QuickBooks user, transferring your customers can be done in seconds. This makes it quick and easy to start using Scheduling Manager Gemini. As you continue, customer, invoice, payment and service information data is synch’d between QuickBooks and Scheduling Manager.

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From a Satisfied Customer

“I had Thoughtful Systems Customize a job ticket for me way back in June of 1999 and we are still using the same ticket design! The software has helped us be well-organized and present a professional image to our clients.”

– Claire Pirie, Cooperative Cleaning Co., Inc.. Oakland, California

Benefits of Using Our Software to Manage Your Maid Service Business

Enter information once only. No need for multiple software programs, which create inefficiencies, and can lead to errors. When you complete a job, an invoice is created, time spent by each maid on the job is recorded, payroll is calculated, and the amount paid by the customer is recorded.

Increased efficiencies for your organization lets you focus on marketing, gaining new customers, and lead generation.

Integrated E-mail marketing tools help you get new clients, and market new services to existing clients.

Specially designed for residential cleaning businesses. Used by thousands of maid service businesses in more than 15 countries

From A Satisfied Customer
“Scheduling Manager has been an invaluable management and marketing tool for me. I’ve used it since I was a startup years ago and am still finding it an effective management system now that I have over 40 maids. I couldn’t have grown so fast without it.”

– Miriam Kahn, Today’s Maid, New York City, NY

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