Roofing Business Software

Roofing Business Software

Making software for the roofing industry for over 25 Years

We have the perfect roofing software solution, the Scheduling Manager for Roofing, to assist you with managing your business. Scheduling Manager software for roofing businesses has been developed over a period of more than 27 years as we constantly improve our software to introduce the very latest innovations in technology. Over that time, we have learned from our roofing clients, and have been able to accommodate their needs, and at the same time provide more sophisticated roofing software to our users. When you purchase Thoughtful Systems‘ job scheduling management software, you are joining a community of thousands of users throughout the world who are using and benefiting from our state-of-the-art software for roofing businesses.

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Job scheduling calendar for roofing software

Interactive Job Scheduling Calendars

Choose from more than 8 interactive job scheduling calendars with drag and drop capabilities. Add, delete, change, view or complete a job with a simple click of the mouse. Each unique calendar provides a different window/view into your scheduled jobs.

Marketing Features for roofing business software

Powerful Marketing Analytics

Our integrated marketing features let you keep extensive notes on your leads and customers so you can stay up to date with all of your interactions with leads or clients. Swiftly and effortlessly create bulk e-mailing campaigns for prospective leads, current customers, or select a group from within all contacts.

Accounts receivable for roofing business

Efficient Accounts Receivable Features

Create invoices automatically with our roofing business software’s integrated Accounts Receivable functions. The invoices are created when a job is completed, and you can immediately view each customer’s account balance information on-screen. We offer the ability to quickly create sales, profitability, and aging reports. We also integrate with several accounting packages such as QuickBooks, Sage, MYOB, and others.

Credit card processsing for roofing business software

Easy Credit Card Processing

Scheduling Manager’s credit card processing capabilities allow you to easily process credit card payments. Many users of Scheduling Manager for pest control businesses have told us how this feature alone has saved them enough money to easily pay for the entire cost of the software! Every time a customer chooses to pay by credit card, their information is quickly processed, and the payment is soon in your bank account. The customer’s credit card information is encrypted and stored to ensure high security.

Reminders for roofing business software

Useful Reminders Feature

Use the Reminders feature to remind you or anyone else in your organization to call someone, or respond to a complaint, or any other task. A very helpful aide to the user who wants to get the maximum out of the software for marketing purposes as well as for general organizational efficiency.

Marketing features for roofing business

Marketing Features

Powerful marketing features allow you to keep track of your leads and keep extensive notes on all of your interactions with leads or clients. Also, create bulk e-mailing campaigns to all leads or customers or just to a select subset.

Unrivaled, Friendly and Professional Support

You’re not on your own when you purchase Scheduling Manager Roofing Edition. Our friendly, professional customer success consultants are committed to ensuring that your experience with our service business software is smooth. We make sure that you efficiently implement the software in your roofing business. We provide training, and unlimited support so that you have the best experience possible.


Benefits of Using Our Software to Manage Your Roofing Business

Enter information once only. No need for multiple software programs, which create inefficiencies, and can lead to errors. When you complete a job, an invoice is created, time spent by each maid on the job is recorded, payroll is calculated, and the amount paid by the customer is recorded.

Increased efficiencies for your organization lets you focus on marketing, gaining new customers, and lead generation.

Integrated E-mail marketing tools help you get new clients, and market new services to existing clients.

Specially designed for roofing businesses. Used by thousands of service businesses in more than 15 countries

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