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Scheduling Manager Software

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service business software
scheduling software for service businesses
scheduling software for service businesses

Software for Service Businesses

We have the finest service business software to help you manage your service business.

Our software for service businesses has been developed over a period of 18 years. Over that time, we have learned from our residential cleaning clients, and have been able to accommodate their needs, and at the same time provide more sophisticated service business software to our users, enabling them to benefit from the combined experience that it took to develop the software to the point it is now at.

So, when you purchase the Scheduling Manager, you are joining a community of thousands of users throughout the world who are using and benefiting from our state-of-the-art service business software.

You also benefit from the ongoing improvements we periodically make to our service business software, in response to users' suggestions.

Often Copied But Never Equaled
We developed the first software available for the Service Business Industry in 1987. This was a DOS-based product, which had a wide variety of functions, and became very successful around the U.S. and the rest of the world. In the mid-90s, we developed our first Windows-based system, which we have continued to improve for the past 10 years. We have been the trend-setters in the service business software segment. Several of the largest service business companies in the country use our software to save them money and give themselves a competitive advantage.
Ideal Software for Franchises
We have supplied software to many franchise owners. Also, many franchisees of the major service business franchisors elect to use our software rather than the software that is supplied by the franchisor. This is because our software has greater functionality, is more user-friendly, more flexible and — most importantly— it belongs to you and not the franchisor! Once you purchase a licence for the Scheduling Manager, it is yours forever, to use to improve the efficiency of your service business.
Unconditional Money Back Guarantee
And you can't lose, with Thoughtful's 30-day money back guarantee! If you don't like the Scheduling Manager for Service Businesses for any reason, return it to us for a no-questions-asked refund.
service business software
service business software customer information

Customer Information Management

Add/Edit/View/Delete Customers
Maintain all necessary information for your customers, including key and alarm, public and private notes, directions, and more!
Search your customers with any type of search criterion.
Multiple Locations for Customers
Maintain multiple work/service locations for your customers while billing to one address.
Customizable Fields
Customize your own fields to keep track of any information you wish.
Track Marketing Techniques
Enter sources for all your customers and print reports to show which marketing methods are most profitable.
Print helpful monthly calendars for your customers. Customers have the calendar as a handy reminder of their next scheduled visit.
Easy Access
Easily access a customer's account history, schedule of jobs, or easily add or change a job.
Mail Merges
Create professional letters and mailings to all your customers (or a selected group) with the click of the mouse.
Power Search
The Power Search feature is an advanced search tool that allows you to locate customers quickly and efficiently using a variety of different search criteria.
Jobs At-A-Glance
Quickly see upcoming jobs for customers, all from the Customer Information Screen.
A fully customizable estimating feature allows you to create your own parameters to generate estimates for your customers.
Time-Stamped Notes
The time-stamped notes allow you to store notes that are dated and where the author of the note is attached automatically.
employee information for service business software

Employee Information Management

Add/Edit/View/Delete Employees
Maintain detailed information for each employee.
Maintain Payroll Information
Flexible payroll options mean that no matter how you pay your employees, Scheduling Manager will handle it.
Employee Pictures
Keep employee pictures on file for security and for use by office staff.
Maintain information regarding credentials and skills of each employee, tracking date when certifications/skill was achieved, and renewal date, etc.
team information for service business software

Team Information

Assemble Teams
Group employees together to make scheduling easier if you have groups that work together regularly. Our service management software allows you to schedule by team (or truck or route) or by individual employee/technician.
Color Code Teams
Color coding teams makes for easier identification on the scheduling screen.
work codes for service business software

Work Codes

Work Codes
Create your own work codes to track service charges and to provide instructions for employees. This also allows you to track sales by type of service, etc.
Price Matrix
Create your own work codes to track service charges and to provide instructions for employees. This also allows you to track sales by type of service, etc.
service business software job scheduling

Job Scheduling

6 Different Scheduling Screens
6 different scheduling screens to choose from in our service industry software means you can view jobs any way you like. View scheduled jobs for one week for one team, or for all employees, or view all scheduled jobs for the month on one screen. You can pick almost any view imaginable -- for example, view all jobs for one client for one month. You name it, we have the view for you! With 18 years experience in the field, we've figured out how to offer options that will suit just about anyone. And of we don;t have the option you want, tell us, and we'll probably add it in for you!
Monthly Job Calendar
The Monthly Job Calendar is a flexible new calendar that provides more options than ever before. Fully customizable with the number of weeks to show at one time and you can also choose to display one or all teams.
Weekly Dispatch Calendar
The new Weekly Dispatch Calendar has some exciting new features like drag-and-drop capability to make moving jobs a breeze. Also fully customizable, you can choose what information you wish to display on your jobs.
Availability Calendar
The new Availability Calendar allows you to specify availability for each employee. This is very useful especially if you have many part-time employees as this feature helps you keep track of who's available on which days and at what times. You can also specify who will be working holidays.
Recurring Scheduling
Create any schedule with over 30 different frequencies to choose from. Enter Work Order information once only, and then let Scheduling Manager enter the future jobs for you.
Enter Job Notes for Employees
Enter special instructions or notes in Job Notes to print out on Job Tickets/Work Orders.
One-Time Changes
If an employee is sick or a customer cancels a job it's easy to make a one time change to a job.
Changes to Entire Schedules
If you need to increase the charge on a job, or make the job length longer it's easy to make a change to an entire schedule of jobs. This change will then flow through to all future jobs.
Display Options
Choose from a variety of display options on your scheduling screens. For example, show last name for each client, or show just their account ID, or show the street where they live. Anything you can think of!
Job Completions
Completing jobs is an easy process. It updates employees' payroll information and updates customers' account information and automatically creates invoices. Any payment received from customer is also recorded.
Complete Multiple Jobs
Easily complete multiple jobs at once! Many of our users like this option, which saves them a lot of time. Simply mark all jobs to be completed with "default" information, click a button and you;re done! Then you can complete the individual jobs where changes were made to the original service order individually.
service business billing software

Accounts Receivable

Invoices are automatically created for you, or create invoices manually.
For customers who have many jobs, print statements as often as you like to give a summary of all charges/credits to their account.
Account History and Customer Balance
Customer Balance is available right on their information. Their account history is also easily accessible.
Credit Card Processing
The credit card processing feature saves many of our users hours each day as it allows you to process hundreds of charges in a matter of minutes.
service business payroll software


Payroll Reporting
Several payroll reports are provided for you to view your employees' payroll data.


New E-mail features in Scheduling Manager enable you to e-mail Job Reminders and invoices to customers, and also to e-mail job tickets/work orders to employees.
service management software for the service industry


Scheduling Manager can be set up as a network version so more than one person can access it at the same time. You will be able to issue passwords and logins to users. Allow several people at the office to access your service management software simultaneously.

Compatible Products

QuickBooks RealTime
The QuickBooks RealTime feature means you can have a live link with QuickBooks so that any customers or invoices created in Scheduling Manager are automatically added into QuickBooks. Any customers added to QuickBooks are also automatically added into Scheduling Manager.
web software for service business

Scheduling Manager Web

Same Great Features
Scheduling Manager Web has the same fantastic features as our outstanding stand-alone service industry software plus more! Access your data from anywhere in the world!
Customers View Schedules Online
With the Web Version you can set up usernames and passwords for your customers to log in to view their own schedules, account activity etc.
Customers View Invoices Online
Customers log in to your Customer Center and can view their latest invoices and account balance.
Create your own Online Customer Center
Create your own fully customizable Customer Center to post "Tips of the Day" or trivia questions or whatever you wish!
Employees View Schedules Online
Similar to your customers, you can set up usernames and passwords for employees to log in to get their schedule information.
Supervisors Send in Job Completion Info
Supervisors have the ability to log in and submit job completion information.
service business software works with quickbooks

Scheduling Manager for Service Businesses Interfaces with:

No need to get rid of your favorite accounting software or abandon all your established procedures, they can work together. Share customers, invoices and payroll data.
Microsoft MapPoint
This powerful interface lets you get directions and map routes to save on travel time.
Click a convenient button and Mapquest supplies you with the directions to the work site.
Yahoo Maps
Click a convenient button and Yahoo Maps supplies you with the directions to the work site.
Google Maps
Click a convenient button and Google Maps supplies you with the directions to the work site.
Job Estimator
Manages all your estimating and bidding needs.
Contact Manager
Keep your prospective clients in a separate database so you can do more effective marketing such as direct mailing
Distribution Manager
For large wholesale/distribution businesses this is a perfect combination.
Microsoft Outlook
Import data from Microsoft Outlook. E-mail any report using Outlook or Outlook Express.
Microsoft Access
Import data from Microsoft Access
Microsoft Word
Easily create mailmerge letters using Microsoft Word
Mobile Devices
Exchange data with various mobile devices
Various Competitors' Programs
We will import your data from any competitor's program when you upgrade to the Scheduling Manager from Thoughtful Systems.
Various Timekeeping and Payroll Systems
Exchange data with your chosen timekeeping and/or payroll system, such as ADP, Paychex, Ceridian, etc.