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QuickBooks Import/Export Interface
The import/export QuickBooks interface is an excellent way to share information created or collected in Scheduling Manager and is included with all Scheduling Manager packages.
The interface allows you to:
Import/Export Customer Information.
Export Invoices to QuickBooks.
Export Payment information to QuickBooks.
Export Payroll data to QuickBooks.
With this interface you have the ability to export selected transactions to QuickBooks.
This saves you time as invoices are generated automatically when jobs are marked has having been completed, and payments can also be recorded automatically if your clients typically leave payment at the time of service.
QuickBooks Import-Export Interface
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With this interface, even if you have hundreds of transactions, you can export them to QuickBooks in a matter of seconds.
QuickBooks RealTime
The QuickBooks RealTime feature is a seamless, real-time link with QuickBooks.
If you are already a QuickBooks user, this means transferring your customers can be done in a matter of seconds. This makes it quick and easy to start using Scheduling Manager.
Customer Information is automatically updated in QuickBooks when modified in Scheduling Manager and vice versa.
Invoices generated in Scheduling Manager are also automatically created in QuickBooks.
This seamless interfaces thus eliminates any double-entry.
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Watch Movie
service business software This feature is not included with the basic package, but it can be purchased as an additional module.